All your links in one platform.

Create free page in 1 min.

Simple and easy to use.
Create your ‘aboutme’ page using smart phone.

Select your favourite template.

Add links &images you want to share.

Your ‘aboutme’ page is up and ready to share.

Create free page in 1 min.

Let the Top Banner visual communicate who you are.

The ICONIC top banner visual is unique feature to set the key impression.

Change the link icon to your choice of visuals to refine your page.

‘aboutme’ is fascinating way to communicate and express about you.

Create free page in 1 min.

Choiceful colour design template and unlimited link choice.

Select the template to express who you are.

Select mix of links to reflect who you are.

Unlimited mix of link choices.

Create free page in 1 min.


What is aboutme?
aboutme is a digital tool helping to combine various links of [you and things surrounding around you] . You can create a personal page with your choice of design template and link mix.
Any registration fee or usage fee required to use aboutme?
You can register and create your account for free. You can use it for free instantly upon creating your own account page.
Can I change account name (ID)?
You can change/edit your user ID. Go to Edit > Profile information > User ID Your user ID is linked to your aboutme page URL. When you change your user ID, your previous aboutme URL is no longer valid.
Can I change my page’s colour theme?
You can change your page’s template color. Go to Edit > Color Theme.